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Cool biking outfit for under 1000 pounds 2020

Published on: 09 June 2020

Even though we haven’t sent out the final review yet, we recently put together a series of videos outlining what kind of commuting outfit you could get for a given amount of money. We started off with a thousand pounds, then moved up to £1,500, then £2500. The final in the series shows what you can get if you’ve got ‘loadsa money’. We’re sending that one out over the weekend. But as soon as we started sending these videos out we began to get requests asking for the same treatment on cool gear, by which people meant, we assume, leather or wax cotton jackets, jeans, short boots, leather gloves and retro helmets. Well not a problem for us. That’s the kind of gear we ride in every day. And so we are going to follow the same formula. This first video delivers an outfit for a grand. The next one will probably be for £1,500, the next, £2,500, we reckon. We’ve enjoyed putting these outfits together, but of course we’re not prepared to sacrifice too much safety and practicality at the altar of style. We all want to look good on the bike; well most of us at least, but we’re still talking motorbikes here, and there’s no point in dressing to look the business if the cost is skin grafts when, one day, it all goes Peter Tong. That’s a line we tread here every day when we outfitting our customers, but we’re just not prepared to sell stuff that doesn’t provide the necessary levels of protection. We’ve set out our stall as a company that believes in, and supports, the benefits of CE approved clothing. In the future we won’t take on ranges and products and ranges that are not certified. I’m not saying that, right now, absolutely everything we sell is CE approved, but if it isn’t, we’ll have a reason for that and we’ll explain it to you. For this review, we selected a pair of gloves that are not CE approved, although we suspect they would pass if submitted. The review also presented us with somewhat of a dilemma, because we prefer to recommend full-face helmets, and the budget did not allow us to propose a helmet we really had faith in. There was a helmet that we did have faith in, but we felt it probably wasn’t cool enough for this exercise. Anyway, take a few minutes out to see our chosen combination. But don’t worry; if you want to push the boat out a little, there’s more to come.

For more information and to order online, click cool motorcycle outfit for under £1000.


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