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Cool biking outfit for under 1500 pounds 2020

Published on: 15 June 2020

As we did with commuting outfits, we’ve put together what one might term ‘cool’ outfits for a given amount of money. Now, we’ve already gone down this road once with a budget of £1,000; and that bought us a Halvarssons leather jacket, some Spidi jeans. TCX boots, a Bell helmet and a pair of deerskin gloves from Lee Parks. It was, we have to say, a really top outfit that would work well for all those who approach biking with a laid- back attitude. With a bit more money this time round, we can buy a few more bells and whistles, a beautiful, full-face helmet, and some more protective jeans. For this exercise, Chris puts together an outfit that incorporates what is perhaps our all-time favourite, café racer jacket, a fantastic pair of single-layer jeans with a slide time that matches leather, and a new retro, full-face helmet with twenty first century functionality. Not to mention a brilliant new, short boot and some high-end, cool gloves. We are really pleased with the end result. We do indeed think we’ve achieved a really cool look, but without compromising safety in any way. Next time round, we’ll be spending even more money, but will that buy a better outfit? In some ways, yes, but as is the case here a lot of subjectivity is involved. The bottom line is that this £1500 outfit is pretty special. If you want to look cool, you certainly don’t have to spend more. In fact, if this is too rich for you, take a look at our thousand pound outfit below.

For more information and to order online, click cool motorcycle outfit for under £1500.


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