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Cool biking outfit for under 2500 pounds 2020

Published on: 18 June 2020

So this is our third video about the kind of casual riding gear you can get for a given sum of money. The idea originally came out of a series of videos we did about commuting outfits, and so we’ve taken the same thinking and applied it to what one might term cool outfits. And by a cool outfit we’re talking about a leather or wax cotton jacket, a pair of jeans, a retro-ish helmet of some description, some leather gloves and short boots. Now, for our first outfit, we set a budget of a thousand pounds. For our second one we upped the ante to fifteen hundred. This time we’ve gone for £2500, which is pretty much the maximum, within reason, we reckon you can spend on the kind of items we’re talking about. Now, what’s interesting is just how subjective all this is. Adding a grand to the previous budget hasn’t necessarily bought us better gear. In some cases it literally just buys what we consider to be cooler gear, even though it might be less functional. But in this arena there are no absolutes; it’s just opinions. With our reviews of technical gear it was a bit different. By and large, the more money you spend on this kind of gear, the more you get. But here it’s very different. In fact, some people might even prefer the outfit in our last review. And so, even though we like feedback, we don’t see that leaving a comment saying that you can get cooler gear for less money serves any purpose. As we’ve said this is all about opinions. The selection we have put together here represents the best of the best as far as we’re concerned; and we truly have chosen some great gear. But if you have different tastes, you may think that our choices suck. So, if you think a heavy, black, fully-tasseled, horsehide jacket is cooler, then knock yourself out. Who knows? You might even be right!

For more information and to order online, click cool motorcycle outfit for under £2500.


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