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Motorcycle commuting/touring outfit for under 1500 pounds 2020

Published on: 03 June 2020

Now, a week or so ago, we put together an outfit for a thousand pounds, in response to requests from potential customers who were contemplating commuting into work after the Lockdown, in order to avoid using public transport. We were really pleased that we were able to create a really top-line outfit within the budget. Richa’s amazing Infinity Pro 2 jacket and the Colorado pant that goes with it. A pair of Gore-Tex boots from TCX. Shark’s Evo ES flip-lid helmet, and a pair of Halvarssons’ Orbit gloves. Now an increase in budget of 50% for today’s review might sound generous, but the items we selected last time round represented such good value that, initially, we found it difficult to create an outfit that was demonstrably and significantly better. But we think we got there. We did always position the thousand pound outfit as a toe-in-the-water suit. It would be perfect for the first-time commuter, or the rider with a shortish, 30-minute daily journey. But you can’t get a quart out of a pint pot, even though we tried. On a longer commute, you need to step up a gear, and that’s what we think we’ve done here. Almost whatever kind of commute you are contemplating, you can undertake it in this outfit. Yes there’s another level up; indeed in the coming days we’re going to look at two separate, more expensive outfits. Now I don’t want to give things away before you watch the review, but the combination of products we’ve put together for this particular video is pretty special; in fact, the suit itself is perhaps the most comfortable on the market. And in our view comfort is massively important. If you’re comfortable on the bike, you can direct all your faculties to the task in hand: staying safe on the road. We hope you enjoy the review.

For more information and to order online, click motorcycle commuting/touring outfit for under £1500.


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