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Motorcycle commuting/touring outfit for under 2500 pounds 2020

Published on: 04 June 2020

Now this is the third in our series of video reviews of outfits that can be put together for a certain budget. The idea came from people contacting us, suggesting that they might want to commute into work on a motorcycle after the Lockdown.

We started off with a budget of £1,000 for first-time commuters, but were then asked to look at a higher figure, and so we did a review of what you could get for £1,500. I said that the next one would be £2,000, but I changed my mind because the extra £500 bought better, but it didn’t represent a step jump.

And so for this review, we’ve pushed the boat out and gone for a budget of £2,500. Now that puts us in pretty rarified territory. This money buys you the kind of outfit you can commute serious miles in, or indeed undertake pretty much any kind of tour.

Now this is one more step on the ladder, and for our next video we will be reviewing the best of the best; money no object. It’s a bit of fun, although the outfit we’ve put together for that review is one that a lot of our customers have bought.

In closing, I would say one thing about commuting. If you do commute, you will be saving money in other areas. It’s naive to think that you will not have to invest some of those savings into protective wear. And that’s for three reasons.

First, commuting on a bike will, at times, be uncomfortable. And to ride safely you need gear that is going to protect you from the elements. Gear that will keep you warm in the cold, dry in the wet, and cool in the heat. With the greatest respect, that is not going to be the case with cheap gear.

Second, commuting is also more dangerous than going into work by car, on the train or by some other form of public transport. If you’re on the bike doing the same journey every day, complacency will set in and, one day, you will have an accident of some description. Hopefully, it will be a minor one, but if it isn’t, you want to know that you are as well protected as you can be. I repeat my sentiments of above. By and large, as you spend more, you tend to buy increased levels of protection.

Third and last, cheap gear can be a false economy. Now what retailer doesn’t like to trot out the phrase, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’? Well, what retailer other than Poundland, I suppose? And there are clearly times when spending more doesn’t deliver more. But my view is that, in this case, it probably does. The problem is that if you commute daily you’re going to be hammering your gear, and most gear is not designed to take such abuse. Scrimp too much, pay too little, and you will find yourself having to replace your gear quite frequently. The better gear tends to be more robust, and the kind of suits that we’re talking about in this price range and above will also have much longer warranties. And believe me, that extra warranty is worth paying a few quid extra for.

Finally, if you like any of the gear in this review, you will find that every product has been the subject of a dedicated. review on the website.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the review.

For more information and to order online, click motorcycle commuting/touring outfit for under £2500.


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