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Ultimate touring and commuting motorcycle outfit money no object 2020

Published on: 12 June 2020

This is the fourth in our series about the kind of commuting/touring outfit you can get for a given budget. Kicked off by requests from people who thought they might want to commute on a motorcycle after Lockdown, our first video worked on a budget of £1000. We then upped the ante to £1500. For the third video, we raised the budget to £2500 and, for this particular video, however, there is literally no budget; the sky’s the limit. Now that doesn’t mean that we’re going to spend money for the sake of it. What this exercise is about is finding the very best outfit without any financial constraint. Now the £2500 outfit was pretty up there. We were in Rukka territory. We went for Daytona boots and Schuberth’s C3 Pro helmet. We weren’t cutting corners. So this time the bar is already set high, but Chris pushes the boat out. It’s the best of everything; all you’re ever going to need for commuting 12 months of the year. Now, we need to make one thing clear, before everyone with a beer or two inside them hits social media. We are not saying that anyone has to have this outfit. You can spend less; a lot less. You can get better value; of that we’re sure. But this video is for those who want to know what we consider to be the best of the best. We think we’ve done just that; an outfit without compromise. Now our take on commuting is that you need to be as comfortable on the bike as you can be, all year round. Cool when it’s hot. Warm when it’s cold. And dry when it’s wet. Commute every day, and danger is never far down the road. Only if you’re comfortable on the bike, can you devote all your energies to the road. And that’s the secret to staying out of danger. Which doesn’t mean the gear doesn’t need to be protective. It does. If it does go wrong, you’re going to want to know that your gear is going to look after you. The outfit in this video represents the crème de la crème; all you’re ever going to need. This really is the ultimate commuting/touring outfit.

For more information and to order online, click ultimate commuting/touring outfit.


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