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Arai Quantic helmet

The Quantic helmet was launched in 2021. It is the first ever helmet from Arai to be accredited to ECE 22/06. The Arai Quantic helmet is a full face helmet designed for sports touring. A totally new shell construction makes it lighter than Arai helmets that have gone before, and this allows the Quantic helmet to also be smaller. The helmet has no less than 12 ventilation ports; six inlet and six exhaust. It does not come with a drop-down sun visor, but there is a Pinlock in the box. You also get a breath guard and a chin curtain. The helmet fastens by means of double-D ring. With its round shape, and lack of aerofoils and appendages, the Arai Quantic helmet will look right on most bikes, from a cruiser up to the most aggressive sportsbike. It is also, of course, now that it is 22/06 accredited, the most protective Arai helmet ever. Read our review of the Arai Quantic helmet here.

Buy online from Motolegends with free next day UK delivery and returns or visit our Guildford shop for a personal fit. We have the ability to change head liners and cheek pads in the Quantic to ensure a optimum fit.

What shape is the Arai Quantic helmet?

The Arai outer shell shape is very rounded and smooth as with all Arais. This helps with any glancing off blows in an accident. However the internal shape is for an oval head. Normally an Arai is slightly rounder than a Shoei helmet but still very much an oval fit.

How long do Arai helmets last?

The length of time a helmet lasts is very much down to how much it is worn. Having said that all Arai helmets come with a five year warranty.

Is an Arai Quantic quiet?

Not particularly. Arai helmets are not made to be particularly quiet. The focus is on making the most protective, safest helmet on the market.

Is an Arai worth the money?

Arai's history is in racing and the company spends all it's time and energy on ensuring they are making the safest helmets they possibly can. So, if your priority is protecting your head then an Arai is certainly a good investment!


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