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Shoei Glamster 06 helmet | Shoei new retro helmet

The Shoei Glamster 06 is the second iteration of Shoei's retro motorcycle helmet. The Glamster offers a lovely simple, classic silhouette but in the guise of a a thoroughly modern and safe helmet. It is a perfect option for anyone riding a modern retro (or real retro) bike. The Glamster 06 was launched in early 2023, and meets the new EC 22-06 standard. The original Shoei Glamster was a launched in 2017 and was the first properly modern interpretation of a retro helmet. 

The Glamster is remarkably light with a great wide visor aperture. The classic, smooth, round shell is reminiscent of helmets worn by the likes of Sheene, Schwartz et al.  

It is a retro looking helmet but still features all the modern design and safety features of the newest Shoei helmets. You can still change the internal headliners and cheek pads in order to create the best fit. However, unlike the Shoei Neotec 3, it does not feature an internal drop down dark visor. 

Who is the Shoei Glamster for?

The Glamster will suit anyone on a retro or modern retro bike. We find it particularly appeals to ladies and to new riders as it is so light and easy to wear and yet offers great visibility.

How long will the Shoei Glamster last?

The Glamster, like all Shoei helmets, has a five year warranty. 

What other helmets are suitable for a retro bike?

We would probably recommend the Arai Concept-XE as an alterative to the Shoei Glamster.

Other Shoei helmets available are the Shoei Neotec 3 Shoei GT Air 3Shoei NXR 2Shoei Hornet ADVShoei Ex-Zero and Shoei JO.

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