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Shoei Glamster helmet now in stock

Published on: 08/04/2020 11:56


We’re thrilled to announce that the Shoei Glamster is now here. As you will learn if you watch the review it didn’t come in in all sizes and in all colourways, but the missing SKUs we hope to see in a month or so’s time. Fingers crossed. Now this review is a bit different, because Chris wanted to conduct a road test in the helmet. Given that we’re not currently allowed to just go out for a ride, Chris recorded the opening sequences of his review in his kitchen, before donning the helmet and riding into work in it. In the review, Chris goes over some old ground; some stuff we already knew about the Glamster. He examines the final production version of the helmet, but in truth the helmet is pretty much as we expected. He then takes it for a ride, although he does take a bit of a detour to pop some milk into his 92 year old mother-in-law. If you want to know what the Glamster is like on the road, you should perhaps find the time to watch the review. If you like what you see and hear, you might want to do something about it, because nobody really knows when there are going to be re-stocks.

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