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Rokker Legend jeans in blue

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Rokker Legend jeans in blue
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Rokker Legend jeans in blue Product Information

We love single-layer motorcycle jeans; in fact, so much so that we have for some years now refused to sell lined or kevlar jeans. Our favourite jeans manufacturer is the Swiss company Rokker, and to date our favourite Rokker jean has been the Rokkertech Tapered Slim. Made from a UHMWPE, it is lightweight and super strong. It looks and wears like a regular jean, but is much, much stronger. In fact, on a Cambridge test conducted by SATRA the jean achieved a slide time just shy of seven seconds. And this is impressive given that leather comes in somewhere around four seconds. The jeans also contain a component of stretch for unparalleled comfort. The final piece of the jigsaw is a set of adjustable knee pockets that take Ghost armour. Ghost also comes as standard in the hips. The Tapered Slims are not inexpensive, but we consider them to be the best and nicest motorcycle jeans that money can buy.

In only one respect did we feel that they could be improved. The taper below the knee made them, for some people, just a little bit restrictive in the calf region. And so we went to Rokker and asked them to make a jean that was a tiny bit more generous below the knee. But we were, and are, talking a tiny bit. We tested lots of different versions. Too much extra and you had an authentic 1950s look. Too little, and there wasn’t sufficient of a change to be discernible. Eventually we felt we got the fit just right.

The new jean, which has been made exclusively for us, and which is called the Rokker Legend, is in our view the perfect jean. It is everything the Tapered Slim was. To most, it will look no different. But for some, it will be just that little bit more comfortable; especially on the bike.


  • Single-layer jean made with a UHMWPE
  • Fitted with adjustable armour pockets and D3O Ghost for the knees and hips
  • Zip fly
  • Fit is slim with slight taper below knee
  • Model is exclusive to Motolegends
  • Slide time 6.93 seconds
  • AA rated under EN17092


    Rokker trousers have a 2 year warranty

    Product Reviews


    F D: The best, really

    The good part they feel great! The material is soft out of the box and is stretchy enough to allow movement while on the bike. They look great! True to size, Im usually a 36x32 and I got 36x34 to cover my low boots when I ride in summer. They do a realistic worn in look with applied fading in all the right places Theyre built great! Seams are straight, no loose threads , armor pockets are quality materials. These will definitely hold up for a while. The knee armor pockets are offset to the outside of the knee, so that when you sit on the bike the armor is centered and doesnt pull to the inside of the knee. Compared to my Dainese JDyneema jeans these are more comfortable and compared to my PMJ Tourer these are more protective. The niggles The D3O knee armor sits upright in the armor pockets. Since the D3O armor edges are thin and bendy, they fold on themselves and the armor drops a bit. A Velcro-backed armor type could solve this. The D3O hip armor is small yet the more useful of the two knee and hip, especially compared to Daineses JD jeans. Theres no pocket for tailbone armor. Dont expect a huge difference with the Slim Tapered cut. As the description on the website says, the difference is there but marginal. Overall, expensive but you get what you pay for. These are the best this side of waterproof.

    Richard Stoun: Rokker Legend Jeans mid blue

    Looks just like a pair of Levis, fits even better. There is stretch in there particularly around waste, which makes for a great fit. I thought they might be baggy with fitment of ghost armor, but not at all. Perfect pair of jeans with great protection and looks great on and off the bike. Very happy.

    Jim Gough: Great riding jeans

    The rokker jeans are simply the best riding jeans great fit and very comfortable on or off the bike.

    PBonser: Rokker Legend Jeans

    Usual excellent MotoLegends mail order service, with despatch and delivery updates. Have been considering a pair of Rokker for some time and decided to bite the bullet. I am not disappointed, fit as per size chart appears spot on for me, I like the armour pockets and the way the armour sits in the jeans, much better than others makes I have had. Comfortable to wear, look great and I guess they prove the old adage that you get what you pay for, having tried others before, these were worth the wait.

    Peter: Comfort like no other

    Well, it took my buying two pairs of Rokkers AAA Rokkertech jeans from Motolegends before I decided to FINALLY listen to Chriss guidance with respect to the virtues of the AA Rokker Legends jeans. I do love my Rokkertechs, but theyre a PITA to deal with due to the button fly. Theyre also a tad stiff, which means theres no stretch in the fabric and, around the waist, that matters most. Im regularly a 32 or 33 waist I have one pair in each size, but one too many slices of cake at Christmas time and the 32 stay in the closet until Ive put down the fork and hit the gym. When I ordered the 32 waist in the AA Rokker Legends, the comfort was immediate, and it makes riding so much more relaxing and enjoyable peeing too, for that matter. Theres stretch is generous without feeling flimsy or yoga-pants-ish. Plus, I think D30 sits better in Rokker than does Rokkers standard Sas-Tec offering. I wish Rokker offered their AAA Rokkertechs with the same stretchiness the Legends have so that thered be that same comfort along with the AAA rating, but cest la have to make the choice and sometimes comfort wins out. Rokker, in collaboration with Motolegends, nailed this jean!

    PeteB: Quality product

    I bought these to replace a pair of cheaper, single layer jeans. Did I do the right thing? Yes! The quality is really good, they are comfortable, and the fit is true to size. If you appreciate quality gear, these are for you.

    Peter: The last word in riding jeans

    Curious about Rokker jeans since they were launched, I took the plunge with a pair of mid-blue Legends. My first impression was that there was an air of substance about them, in the weight and feel of the fabric. The heavyweight impression disappears when you are wearing them, just like regular jeans. They feel great, and look great too. The stonewashed effect is light touch and classy I wouldnt hesitate to pair them with a smart jacket to attend a Dress to impress event. Ive been riding motorcycles for 50 years, and I would recommend these as my best-ever riding trousers.

    Aurelio: Worth the price

    I am glad I went with the Legend cut. Having previously tried the Tapered Slim AA style, I can confirm that those are a bit tight around the calves and my calves are not particularly girthy. On the other hand, the Rokker legend jeans you see here fit me perfectly. They are slightly warmer than a regular pair of jeans but much more breathable than any lined moto jeans. The color is well represented on the pictures here. A minor criticism, the knee armor tends to rotate slightly inward in the seating position, which is also the case in every other moto jean Ive ever tried, since the outer seam runs quite high around the knee on all jeans. That said, D3O ghost armor is so thin you cant tell its there until you look for it. And the stretch of the fabric makes them comfortable for as long as you care to wear them. Sizing is also accurate compared to other brands of jeans Ive owned. Cant praise these enough! order your regular size, you wont be disappointed!

    Andrew: Best jeans

    Having owned and being disappointed with several pairs of biker jeans purchased for touring in hot weather. I can honestly say my Rokker jeans purchased for a 3-week European trip this September with temperatures +30c was the best choice ever. These jeans at first glance seemed expensive but the comfort, stretch, lightness and fit and benefit of the AA rated textile with ghost armour totally surprised me being the best yet. If there were any niggles at all the lower leg fit was slightly tight and rode up when on bike. Apart from that the jeans are my favourite and most comfortable leg wear particularly in temps +10c. You may want a waterproof layer on top in wet or cooler weather.

    Robin: Brilliant jeans and customer service...

    I had been looking for a pair of motorcycle jeans for some time, but I was struggling to find what I thought to be useful advice and a comparison between the various options and brands available. I then came across the Motolegends Best motorcycle riding jeans 2023 video, in which Chris provides a detailed breakdown of the different jeans they sell together with their pros cons. When it comes to clothing, particularly for motorcycling, I find there is no substitute for trying on your potential purchase, so for me a visit to Motolegends was the preferred option and I wasnt disappointed. Once it was established what I rode, my riding style and mileage etc, I was offered a couple of jeans options to start with, one of which happened to be my favoured choice. I was provided with different waist sizes, leg lengths in strait and tapered fits and once the correct size was found it was then a case of sitting on the showroom bike to adjust the armour to ensure the best and the safest fit. My final choice was a pair of Rokker Legend jeans in dark blue 10761, which come with D3O ghost armour. It was a couple of weeks before I got the chance to try the jeans whilst riding my own bike, and Ive got to say I was blown away by them. They feel a little bit heavier than regular jeans before you put them on, but once you are wearing them its difficult to tell the difference. They are soft, comfortable and an excellent fit, and as for the ghost armour you barely notice its there. Off the bike they remain just as comfortable and are a lot more stylish than my Rukka strides albeit designed for entirely different purposes. Theres an argument to say that at very nearly £350 Rokker jeans ought to be good, but I learnt a long time ago as the saying gos Buy cheap, buy twice... Quite simply the customer service provided at Motolegends is second to none, and long may it continue. Whilst not in a position to comment upon the long term durability of my Rokker Legends I am at present more than happy with my investment. If this changes Ill update my review accordingly, but for the moment I highly recommend both Motolegends and Rokker. Thank you...

    Paul: Rokker Legend jeans

    Best piece of riding kit Ive ever bought!! very comfortable on and off bike. Excellent gear and service from Motolegends again !!!

    Istvan: amazing jean

    It really feels like a normal jean, almost too thin! Very very comfortable, and although i generally like the D3O armour, and have it in almost every garment that i have for biking, the Ghost armour seems very thin... However along with this jean they couple up amazingly. The jean isnt expensive but really good. Ive also got a bonus t-shirt with it - whats not to like?

    Chris: Roller Legend Jeans

    Excellent product and service

    Andy Mc: My go to bike pants

    Rokker bike jeans really are fantastic. Incredibly comfortable and the reassurance of good safety levels if you come off. Got these in a Motolegends Sunday morning sale. Best bike gear Ive bought for a while.

    Miguel: Excellent fit, finish and quality

    I normally wear Levis 541s in 30Wx30L so I ordered the 29Wx30L and they fit just like my Levis. Sound advice in ordering 1 inch less for waist. Im small in stature 56 and weight 71Kg. Ive been a lifelong cyclist and have well-developed legs so the slightly relaxed calves work really well for me. The armor pockets are well situated so fitting the armor was straightforward and placement is correct. These are pricey but money well spent. Buy once, cry once. Thank you Motolegends Team for the prompt order fulfillment and despatch to my door here in the US, well done!

    Tony Thompson: Rokker Legend Jeans

    Just ridden over 2000 miles around Germany and Austria in these and cant believe how comfortable they are. Best purchase Ive made for riding in a long time.

    Robert: Best Moto jeans

    These are by far the best moto jeans Ive found! Ive tried several different brands and these are by far the best fit. Highly recommended even at this price point!

    Stickg: Excellent kit

    Bought these for touring, they look great, fit well and are very comfy. Dont need to get changed when I get there as the armour is nice n thin, all in all a good pair of riding jeans.

    Mark: Expesive but

    They are very expensive.Why did I buy for the 6s slide time and could still do with a few bits sorting. 1 loops inside to hang them. 2 a bit more adjustment required for the knee protectors to move up more say another 25mm. Just miner points but at this price point should be done and a nice leathert belt would be nice.

    Andy: Fantastic Jeans

    I bought these jeans just before a trip, initially in a 32 waist my size typically, but found them too slack. The material has some stretch and so I exchanged them for a 30 waist and these have proved to be spot on. Since purchase Ive been to the Balkans and back, so 3400 miles over 2 weeks and I wore the jeans throughout. I have found them to be the best jeans Ive ever owned, being extremely comfortable on and off the bike. The D30 armour is low profile, wholly unobtrusive and easy to fitremove. A terrific product and first rate service!

    Bobby Codik: Life changing piece of gear

    Amazing fit...despite the jeans feeling heavy out of the box.once they are on cant tell the difference between them and a regular pair of jeans..and of course they look GREAT!!!! And ...they also have become my favorite skate board pants..Im almost 60 and can use all the protection I can get.. Anyway without rambling on forever..I started riding around 12 years old 45 years +..I have owned almost everything made in motorcycle protective gear since the mid 70s...So when I say life changing.. this is no exaggeration...In will be ordering a Rokker shirt a pair of boots next... I live on the west coast of the US in Los Angeles...and will be riding to Canada this summer for a full road test... Thank you again !!! Motolegends

    Adam Margulies: WONDERUL motorcycle jeans!

    These jeans are absolutely wonderful, the perfect motorcycle jeans. They are just as Chris describes in his videos - they look and feel just like normal, high quality fashion jeans. Theyre somewhat heavyweight for a normal pair of jeans - comparable to a pair of light to medium weight selvedge denim. However, they dont feel uncomfortably heavy at all - just like a quality, durable pair. But also - very soft feel and texture, so comfortable to wear right away. I havent owned kevlar-lined jeans, but Im sure that these feel extremely lightweight in comparison to those. I own several pairs of Rokkers and I often wear them just as my normal day-to-day jeans when Im not riding the bike, just because theyre so comfortable, durable and they look good. I do really like this darker blue color also still has a lot of fade and color variation so it has character. With or without the D3O Ghost armor inserted, theyre extremely comfortable. And they have just the right amount of stretch to them, so the sizes are a bit forgiving. I think my actual, true waist size is about 34-35 and I typically either size 32 or 33 waist in most fashion jeans, depending on how much stretch they have. For the Rokker Slim Straight jeans, the 32 waist fits me perfectly because of their stretch. I cant recommend these highly enough. Thanks Chris and Motolegends!

    Boshmeister: The hype is real!!!

    Just received my pair of Rokker Legend jeans in Dark Blue and am blown away by the quality, fit and comfort. Sizing is spot on, ordered my regular jean size in the waist and a just a little longer in the leg and the fit is perfect. Just like a sturdier pair of my favorite regular jeans. The armour pockets work great, I have installed upgraded D3O Ghost L2 and they fit perfect and you barely know they are there. Yes they are expensive but IMO worth every penny! Packaging is also great with a nice duffle bag and free T-shirt included. These really are as close to perfect as a motorcycle jean gets!

    Jamie: Great Riding Jeans

    I have had these jeans now almost 8 months and i can tell you they are amazing. They are extremely comfortable and very durable. You can feel the quality and engineering that went into them and I have no doubt if I have a problem they will protect me. They are also very comfortable to wear all day. I have been on 200+ mile group rides and poker runs with parties at the end that were all day affairs. The only thing you will need to do is possibly move the placement of the knee pads. I did at 5 ft 6 inches of height. I live in the US and Motolegends service after the sale is second to none they helped with finding the correct materials so that my tailor could move the pads with no issues. This is the best pant and the best motorcycle apparel shop in the world.

    Simon Parkes: Great jeans - generous sizing

    Very comfortable jeans but the sizing is quite generous. If I lived closer to Motolegends I would certainly have benefitted from fitting in store. The pocket for the knee armour seems to have become detached at the top - the sides are sown in place but the top attaches with a sticky tape as far as I can tell. Doesnt affect the operation of the armour but it makes putting the jeans on slightly harder. Overall I would say these are amazingly comfortable, well-made and good quality jeans. I hope I dont have to test their resilience in an accident!

    Herb: Good riding jeans

    Much cooler than the Pekev lined jeans that I had been riding with. The Ghost Armour is much more comfortable to walk in and is less obtrusive.

    Peter: So comfortable

    Expensive pair of jeans but well worth the price for the excellent fit, comfort and confidence in protection.

    Ed: Very comfortable across wide temperature range

    I wore these trousers on a trip to the South of France. In a single day temperature varied between 16 and 34. With some light thermals underneath in the morning I was comfortable all day. Not as flattering as the tapered slim but comfy for an old bloke like me.

    Gary: Rokker Legend Jeans 31-32

    Im 59 and 165 pounds with medium build. I found these jeans to be excellent quality and fit. I wish my Levi 501s looked and fit this good.

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