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Warm & Safe Dual Remote Control


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Warm & Safe Dual Remote Control
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Warm & Safe Dual Remote Control Product Information

A Whole New Platform Technology - Beyond Xtreme to Version X(i)-Remote!

This is the new Remote Controller 'Heat-Troller' designed to work in conjunction with Warm & Safe's range of heated clothing. This dual controller gives the functionality to use and control multiple heated items at once.  

Battery Tender Adaptor Set - This is a 2 adaptor set of cables to convert the Battery Tender battery harness and Battery Tender device to Coax connection making it easier to use and to make it easier to plug our heated gear into. Everyone knows that for the old style SAE connector to make a good connection it needs to fit tight. Those who have had the experience knows what a pain it is to unplug the connection. By putting these cables on and leaving them you now have a more efficient connection and yet one that unplugs without damaging your hand or the bike.

Warning: If you are going to do this then swap the fuse in the Tender cable with the one you received with the Heat-troller battery harness, so it will handle the draw. You need at least 15A fuse in the battery harness.

Product Reviews


Alan Rainsforth: Warm and Safe Dual Control

Robust and well made. Had to pair it with the receiver, item comes with full and simple instructions. Paired and working 100 in seconds. A definite advantage over the single controller to balance a comfortable heat from top to bottom. As always a quick and excellent service from the Motolegends team.

Stuart G: So Easy

a simple a hard wire to the bikes battery and a vecro fixing to a suitable location and you are in business. You do not even have to pair it. Adjusting on the move is so easy and after a few weeks of use I am wondering how I managed without heated clothing. It would be good if they included or sold additional velcro pads for installing on other bikes particularly at the price point.

Barrie Last: Excellent product.

Very easy to fit product that does what it should do very effectively. The controller is velcroed to my clutch reservoir and is moved very easily between my two bikes both being fitted with power cables to the jacket direct from the battery.

Geoff Cadman: Simplicity

This kit is the really clever part of the Warm and Safe package. I wired the power unit directly to the battery thus by-passing nanny CanBus. It is fused and there is sufficient wiring to allow cable-tying to the best position. The Heat controller dual in my case as I expected I'd be buying the glove liners in due course slips into a custom pocket in the jacket and the battery plug emerges from the left pocket. With the heat control velcro'd to the bars Velcro pad included and being wireless Bluetooth you're good to go. I initially attached it to my screen but preferred the centre of the bars as there was less vibration, but the dials are light and easy and can be smoothly adjusted using one finger. Good kit.

Carly: Easy to install

Great product, only issue was the base layer saying the controller is optional, but it isnt as the top wont work without the controller. Super easy to install and found the instructions easy to follow. Wireless feature is great, only reason Im knocking it down slightly is the cost especially when its only held on with velcro. Sometimes when going over bumps it looks like the controller could fall off, but also when changing bikes the velcro isnt transferable.

Michael Williams: Warm and Safe Power and Control

The power wiring is the standard for all these ancillaries, but the wireless remote is a great idea. The switches, old tech looking, are great really, when using big gloves, you need a big dial to grab. Postioning of the switch is inportant, my first option was on a velcro strip on top of the tank (R1200 GSA) but the dials were quite flat to the tank and tricky to grab, I'm going to try them on top of the clutch reservoir next.

Paul Evans: Brilliant

Works a treat, so much better than wired ones and waterproof too. Takes normal batteries so easy to maintain. Love it!

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