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Warm & Safe heated socks


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Warm & Safe heated socks
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Warm & Safe heated socks Product Information

We imagine that most people who go for these heated socks will already have the Warm & Safe jacket and pants; and if you do then connecting it all up is a piece of cake. You connect the pants to the jacket, then the socks to the pants. Simples. But if you just want heated socks, that’s not a problem either. The socks are form fitted as our American friends call it. That means they’re proper socks and not just tubes. They’re made from a micro fleece, and the elements and wires are so flat and thin that you barely know they’re there. The main heating element sits on top of the foot, extending into the toe box, and clearly this is where you need the heat. The socks come in five sizes, and they are specifically designated right and left. They generate nine Watts of heat per sock; 18 Watts in total. Whatever conditions you ride in, your feet will never be cold again if you wear these socks.


  • Made from micro fleece
  • Flat wiring and heat panels cannot be felt
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fitted heel (not a tube sock)
  • Heating system which is soft, flat and flexible
  • Five sizes for best fit, specific right and left socks
  • Nine watts of heat in each sock at 12.8 Volts

Size Chart

Warm & Safe men's heated socks. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

Small5.5 - 7.538 - 41
Medium7.5 - 9.541 - 44
Large10.5 - 13.544 - 48
XL13.5 - 15.548 - 51

Product Reviews


Lee: Warm Feet in Cold Weather

I recently bought a pair of Warm Safe Heated Socks from Motolegends. They just plug into the WS Heated Trousers which I had bough a few weeks before. Getting older and feeling the cold on Winter Runs thick winter socks were no longer enough . These keep my feet warm, not hot, but no longer cold and not painfully cold like I cant do any more. Been out on a few early morning Runs at 4 and enjoyed my Run without getting cold. I wish I had bought them sooner! Fantastic Heated Socks

Arunas: Realy helps

I have purchased the full set of Warm safe heated underwear in the beginning of December. The service of Motorlegends as always - the best shopping experience online. I have used its during entire winter for short distances mostly up to 1 hour at +5C, 0C, -5C and even -18C. Waited for a longer trip to get a full impression. I have got two days 750 km ride this week at +5 - +10C. So have the right to say something 80 you need to know - it is really warm. My review is about the remaining 20, and there are some issues here. About the whole set of clothes - Four heated clothes - two heating zones. It is possible to combine any garment into any zone, regardless either 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 But in any case, it is difficult to pair the garments to get similar comfortable temperature at various temperatures and various riding speeds, e.g. gloves + jacket +10C speed at 100km h - too hot for the hands if the body is ok, -5C in the city - hands are ok, but too hot for the body. It would the best to have one clothe per heating zone. - The idea to have heating clothing as close as possible to the body looks fine theoretically, but it is not the case in practice. It is heating wire inside, not a grid. It does not distribute the heat - it burns in places. You want to feel like ambient heat. For this reason, a thin underwear is necessary under the heated clothing. - It is underwear. You need to wash it often, otherwise it starts stink. Wash a wired jacket and socks by hand in cold water after each ride? ... very uncomfortable. Socks. Really heats up. Enough to forgot about the feet? - no. But after a while I realized that the problem is not in the socks. Ride - cold for the feet - turn on the heating - warm for the feet - breathless waterproof shoes, the feet sweats - it is getting cold - increase the heating - the cycle repeats. Would I buy again? 5050 It is not solving the problem 100, but thats not the point. Its are socks, its need to be washed after every ride by hand in cold water because of the wires?? I would prefer heated shoe insoles.

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