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Arai Motorcycle Gear

Aria Motorcycle Helmets


Arai is one of the most famous brands in the motorcycle helmet market. The company was started by Hirotake Arai in 1926. Today the company is run by his son, Michio. Although Arai makes helmets of all descriptions, it is probably true to say that racing sits at the heart of the company's philosophy. If you are a trackday enthusiast, or ride a high powered sportsbike, then an Arai may be your perfect helmet, but if you ride a touring bike, an upright bike or something more classic, then there are other options which may be preferable. As race inspired helmets, Arais are light, very strong and have good ventilation, but they are not necessarily quiet, and no Arais come with conveniences like a drop-down sun-visor that many riders these days find very useful. Some people, however, really get on with Arai's well documented oval head shape, and don't like to wear anything else. Arai's helmets are often quite expensive, and for road riders they do not necessarily represent great value. For us, the exception is the Axcess II, which is an excellent all-round helmet that offers terrific value for money.