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motorcycle gloves

There are many different styles of motorcycle glove to suit just about every kind of riding situation, and if you ride across the seasons, it is likely that you will have to equip yourself with more than one pair of gloves. For summer riding, and when it’s dry, it’s hard to argue against leather motorcycle gloves. It’s comfortable to wear, has strength for abrasion resistance, and gives the rider good feel at the controls. But leather is not good in the rain, as it simply absorbs moisture. This can leave you feeling both wet and cold. When it’s cold but dry, you may want to go for a padded leather glove. Every biker will probably also need a pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves. These can either be a summer weight or, for when it is cold and wet, an insulated and waterproof textile glove. Of course, from a style perspective, there are dozens of different designs that allow you to match your glove to the style of bike you ride.


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