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Halvarssons Motorcycle Gear

Halvarssons Motorcycle Clothing

Here at Motolegends, we’re huge fans of the Halvarssons brand, although some people do get confused by the fact that there are actually three brands that make up the range. The other brand names are Jofama and Lindstrands, but these names exist only for historical reasons. All the gear is designed to the same quality standards, and made in the same factories. Technically, Halvarsson’s clothing is a match for anything out there, but it’s in the detail that Halvarssons really excels, making all their garments a pleasure to live with.

You may have heard of Halvarssons, and you’ve probably seen riders wearing Halvarsson’s clothing, but you probably don’t know much about them. Well, Halvarssons has been making protective clothing in Sweden for many, many years and in their country of origin Halvarssons is a household name with a dominant market share. Halvarssons markets itself with the line: ‘If it works in Scandinavia .... and that’s not a bad slant because in Sweden it gets very, very cold in the winter and really rather hot in the summer. Indeed, we know of no clothing that gets close to Halvarssons in terms of its ability to operate in such a wide array of conditions.