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Body Armour

All proper motorcycle clothing will come with body armour. In a jacket, that means, at minimum, protectors in the elbows and shoulders. Nearly all jackets will have a pocket for a back protector; some will come with a back protector as standard. In Europe, all armour has to be CE approved. There are standards for armour that classify it as Level 1 or Level 2. Level 2 armour is more protective, but it is normally heavier and thicker. If a jacket is fitted with Level 1 armour, it is not uncommon for motorcyclists to upgrade it to armour that meets the Level 2 standard. A popular upgrade armour could come from someone like Forcefield or D3O. D3O is particularly popular because it is light and very soft. Another form of body armour comes in the shape of a jacket or shirt that has the armour built into it. You can wear something like this underneath a casual or leisure jacket that has no armour.

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Bowtex Knee Armour

Bowtex Knee Armour (BOW003)


Bowtex Hip Armour

Bowtex Hip Armour (BOW002)


Scott Concept Back Armour Sc1
Forcefield Pro Vest X-V - Grey

Forcefield Pro Vest X-V - Grey (FFD111)


Rukka D3O Back Armour

Rukka D3O Back Armour (RUK1049)


Spada Knee Pocket

Spada Knee Pocket (SPD1051)


Rokker Hip Armour

Rokker Hip Armour (ROK012)


Rokker Replacement Knee Armour
Rokker Knee Velcro Armour

Rokker Knee Velcro Armour (ROK010)


Rokker Back Armour

Rokker Back Armour (ROK013)


Resurgence Armour For Jackets
Halvarssons Corpus Armour

Halvarssons Corpus Armour (HAL619)


D3O L2 Back Armour

D3O L2 Back Armour (FGN421)


Furygan Hip Armour D3O

Furygan Hip Armour D3O (FGN363)


Furygan Knee Armour D3O

Furygan Knee Armour D3O (FGN362)


D3O Elbow And Shoulder Armour

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