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Nikwax Tech Wash


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Nikwax Tech Wash
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Nikwax Tech Wash Product Information

If you've ever put your textile motorcycle jacket or trousers in the wash, with a cup full of detergent or a liquid tablet, you've probably ruined them, and that's because detergents attack the coatings that make motorcycle clothing waterproof. Once the damage has been done it cannot be rectified. The garments in question will never again be as protective against the elements. The experts tell us that you should really treat your motorcycle clothing with these products every few months, especially if youre commuting or doing high mileages.

Road grime and exhaust emissions create a build up that blocks the tiny pores that ensure waterproofing and breathability. If you don't wash your gear quite frequently, it will simply not work the way it's meant to. If you decide that your gear does need to be cleaned, you can put it in the washing machine but, instead of a detergent, you should use Nikwax Tech Wash.

Nikwax Tech Wash has been specifically designed and optimised for breathable waterproof fabrics and is a highly effective cleaner. Additionally it will revitalise existing durable water repellency and revive breathability. It is the safe way to thoroughly clean your waterproof clothing. So if you want your motorcycle clothing to perform as it's meant to, you really do need some Nikwax in the cupboard. Read our review on cleaning your motorcycle gear.


  • Cleans and restores breathability
  • 300 ml
  • Recommended by Gore-Tex

Product Reviews


Jonathan Marshall: Nikwax cleaner

It’s a small amount of money and your kit comes up scary clean,makes you feel a bit grubby about how it was before. A must have if your gonna treat your gear

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