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AGV Sport Modular Aero helmet in carbon / red
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AGV Sport Modular Aero helmet in carbon / redAlternative Image2
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AGV Sport Modular Aero helmet in carbon / red (AGV567)

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Product Information

The AGV Sport Modular helmet is rather special. It’s a very impressive bit of kit that, for some riders on some bikes, will be the perfect helmet.

The starting point is that the AGV is a flip-lid that has been designed specifically for sportsbike riders. Or rather for riders who ride leant forward over the bars. It has a huge 85° aperture that gives a great view down the road when your head is facing downwards. In keeping with the demands of many sportsbike riders, the Sport Modular is also amazingly light. And we mean amazingly light.

It’s not just made from carbon fibre; it’s made from a carbon fibre that’s been moulded in a special factory in South Korea that makes the wings for Boeing aircraft. It’s the only facility that could make carbon parts precise enough to allow a carbon fibre chin-piece to slot perfectly into the aperture on the main shell.

The result is a helmet that weighs in at just under 1.3kg; given all the extra stuff required in a flip-lid, this is an astounding achievement.

We could go on and on about the venting, the interior, the visor, the comfort levels and so on, but there is one other significant point that we would like to make.

And that’s about noise. Now, because of the ability to have a tight fitting neck roll on a flip-lid, well designed flip-lids are often quieter than full-face helmets. AGV has tested the Sport Modular helmet in a wind tunnel and, they tell us, it comes out equal to the quietest in the market.

No flip lid has ever looked so good, and if you like the idea of wearing a flip lid on a sportsbike of some description, nothing else comes within a country mile.

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  • Shell in 100% carbon fiber engineered in 3 sizes with 5-density EPS structure developed in 4 sizes. The structure offers an extremely safe and compact helmet
  • Chin guard in 100% carbon fiber engineered to guarantee maximum lightweight and balance even in open configuration
  • Shell shape is designed to minimize the risk of impact energies being channelled to the collarbone
  • The metal chin guard opening system is designed to prevent accidental openings
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation with a large front vent, a chin guard vent and a rear extractor hollowed in the shell which direct air to the riders head without interference with the internal sun visor
  • Internal chin channels distribute the air flow evenly through the entire visor surface
  • Shell shape is designed to maximise the aerodynamic performance and to have zero dynamic weight at 130 km/h (80mph)
  • The adjustable integrated spoiler reduces turbulence and maximises stability
  • SportModular interior construction is engineered to all an embracing, pressure-free fit and to reduce the noise inside the helmet. Removable nose guard and wind protector
  • Patented reversible crown pad features a double face use that allows the rider to select the preferred feel and climate

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