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Resurgence City chinos in Khaki

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Resurgence City chinos in Khaki
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Resurgence City chinos in Khaki Product Information

The City trouser has a military cut, straight leg. It’s made from crease-resistant cotton twill that is 60% lined with Pekev. Like all Resurgence trousers, the Chino comes with adjustable D3O, CE armour for the knees and hips. And there’s a comfort mesh lining to keep you cool, and to wick moisture away from the skin. It’s the perfect trouser for those who want to jump off the bike, and go directly into some kind of meeting, or in fact any kind of more formal environment.


  • Lined with PEKEV to the mid-calf
  • Soft crease-resistant cotton twill
  • D3O CE Knee and Hip Pads included

Size Chart

Resurgence Men's Motorcycle jeans. Please note: sizes available are shown on the product page.

30 34
32 34
34 34
36 34
38 34
40 34
42 34
44  34

Product Reviews


Pete: Product Review

Now I've four or five pairs of kevlar/aramid jeans of different makes, styles and fits. I just want to say that for comfort, style and functionality, short of throwing myself down the road to test them, these Resurgence City Chinos I bought from the actual shape and your actual no pressure at all guv'nor of Motolegends are the best of the best. The sizing and cut is as per "normal" trousers or jeans (I wear RM Williams size 38/34 in street wear) and these Resurgence won't be my last pair. They're well made, properly stitched, a big one button waist fastening and have a comfy lining and smooth internal seams that make you feel really comfortable when you're riding your bike that some other brands just don't have. They are discreet (the pair I bought don't have any Resurgence logo like the pair in the photo), have two deep front pockets and two deep rear pockets. I've been wearing them on all dry days down to the current 10 degrees and they've been warm and comfortable. As they're lighter in weight than some denim aramid jeans, they are much more comfortable to wear on hotter days too! In fact I pair them around London with RedWing Boots and a brown Segura jacket and they look the business (so my wife says). They simply look and feel like quality fashion chinos and not biker wear at all. With a white shirt and polished shoes or boots, you could sport them in an office all day. Truly for Distinguished Gentlemen that ride! The fact they're lighter khaki coloured makes any rider wearing these chinos more visible to other road users than black or dark denim trousers too. I'm a fan and will buy more. Can you get them in navy blue too?

Nicholas Palliser: Superb

I don't like to leave reviews until I have worn an item for a while. These trousers are outstanding. I wear them to ride to work. I am a consultant and therefore visit clients at their place of work and I have nowhere to change. These are ideal. Not once has anyone noticed they are not ordinary chinos and yet I feel a lot safer on the bike. I wore them on hot trip around Slovenia this summer and they were perfect. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty warm when not riding, but never too uncomfortable. Highly recommended.

Richard R: Not as comfortable as other reviews

Working in an office and having read the other reviews I thought these would be perfect. However, there are some issues with the lining that despite numerous adjustments I seem unable to resolve. Don't get me wrong they look great, a bit bumpy around the knees but that is being really picky. The main issue is the Velcro holding the internal lining in place manages to free itself and ends up rubbing up against various parts of the leg. As a result wearing them for any length of time is not particularly comfortable. The external material is very soft and the quality of the stitching is excellent so I don't regret my purchase but if they could improve the lining / positioning of the armour then this would definitely shift to a 5 star rating.

Robert K: Say no to crack

I have just returned from a 4 week summer tour of Europe 2018 , from the heat of Italy to the cool bliss of the Alps. The Resurgence City chinos are a well made and the stitching stood up to crawling around during camping and general bike maintenance. When worn they look like a regular pair of chinos but are much heavier but comfortable to walk around in. They were too warm when the thermometer hit the mid 30s but then again that would happen with most jeans, generally the extra warmth is worth the trade off for the protection they offer. I purchased these as aged 50+ I pretty much wear chinos all the time because I prefer comfort. I have around a dozen pair of various regular street chinos, I even wear Botex Kevlar leggings under my regular chinos but it's much much hotter than wearing these. The Resurgence City chinos lie low on the hip, this is the one are they seem to be at odds with regular chinos and for bike wear it sees a little odd to have such a low hip. I generally like them and would like to purchase some in black but this is the only issue that would put me off getting another pair. If your of the persuasion where like to show your underwear logo or are into 'plumbers bum' these are for you! Personally; I like to say no to crack.

Kornel K: Excellent, but still a bummer

These are, like the other reviews say, excellent trousers to wear: they are slim and comfortable and feel silky and soft. Even the knee protectors seem to disappear into the fabric somehow, making them ideal trousers to wear to work, EXCEPT they are extremely low cut on the hip so they love to slip down to expose the buttocks. This is obviously less than ideal in a work environment and you don't really want to go round the office constantly pulling up the back of your trousers, which is what I have to do. Perhaps the fact that I'm between sizes (bought a 34, though 33 would probably be better) plays a role. I'm going to try them with braces, but as they come they are a bit too low to be 100% the thing, despite the excellent price.

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