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Halvarssons Macan jeans in blue


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Halvarssons Macan jeans in blue
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Halvarssons Macan jeans in blue Product Information

Some single-layer jeans are stronger than others. Some are much stronger than leather; others are perhaps more suited to urban riding. But the hallmark of a single-layer jean is how easy it is to wear. They can be as light and comfortable to wear as a pair of Levi's. The Macan is at the heavier end of the single-layer spectrum, and they have a more relaxed fit than some jeans. They come with Halvarssons’ Level 1 armour in the knees and hips, but what makes the jeans so remarkable is that, under the new CE regulations, they are AAA rated. That’s a higher rating than any textile, touring pant on the market. And we reckon that means the Macans have a ‘slide time’ of around four seconds. This puts them in the same ballpark as leather. If you want a highly-protective, single-layer jean with a relaxed fit, you should check the Macans out.

For a more detailed size chart, please see here.

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  • Aramid Denim
  • Mesh lined front
  • Three open front pockets, including a coin pocket, and two rear pockets
  • Light, comfortable and protective
  • Adjustable CE-approved armour Level 1

Size Chart

Halvarssons men's motorcycle clothing. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

XXS 26 - 28 44 - 46  
XS 28 - 30 46 - 48  
S 30 - 32 48 - 50  
M 32 - 34 50 - 52  
L 34 - 36 52 - 54  
XL 36 - 38 54 - 56  
XXL 38 - 40 56 - 58  
3XL 40 - 42 58 - 60  
Regular 33 1/2    
Long 35 1/2    
Short 30    

Product Reviews


David Buck: Mr

I'm a 31/32" leg length so bought a pair of the normal leg (33.5") version thinking a could turn up at the bottoms however these were far too long with the knee armour in the wrong place so exchanged for the short 30" versions. These fit perfectly so in my view are longer than advertised. Great looking jeans on and they really do feel like a standard pair of jeans. Knee and hip armour is adjustable and the hip armour is in the correct place unlike some jeans where it is halfway down the outside of your thigh. Feel like good quality and if like me, you were loath to pay £350 for a single layer jean then these are a fantastic compromise. Can easily see these being my go to pair of jeans this summer. Definitely worth the money.

Dave McNally: Mr

I've only dropped these one star because of the sizing. The quality feels great but I feel the only true review of the manufactur could come after seeing how the protect in a fall, and that is not in my plans. The sizing - well the legs are very long. I'm 6'4 with a 33/34 leg and these need shortening in the regular length! The knee armour hits the right spot though. They are also tight in the crotch and thigh area. I'm not sure why bike jeans all seem to be built for people that skipped leg day, but I can't get the hip armour in. Just not happening, but that is the same in all my bike jeans, even my Roadskins that have a stretch panel to help. Perhaps motolegends could use some of their influence to point out we all don't have skinny thighs???

Andy Hodgson: Fit like a glove!

Great jeans, fit like a glove. My first pair of motorcycle jeans and had read the reviews commenting on leg length but I shouldn't have worried. First time on normal leg length is fine and the knee pads, and hip pads are in the right place. Great value too, I couldn't bring myself to spend up to £400 - Halvarssons gear is always my first choice anyway so win, win. Couldn't be more pleased. Now bring me that horizon!!

William Lennox: Very affordable Quality

These are my first pair of jeans and I wish I'd bought them years ago. Extremely well made and the relaxed fit means they are very comfortable on and off the bike. The knee protectors are held in position with velcro and needed a bit of fettling to get in the right position for my fit, and still don't feel 100% but can't knock off any stars for that. Would definately recommend .

Mr Hill: Good fit protection at a decent price

I bought these to replace an old baggy pair of jeans with limited protection in the shape of a limited Kevlar lining that amounted to a bandstand side stripe for the upper leg and some undershorts. Well, things have certainly moved on! These are comfortable to wear and fit like normal jeans, perhaps closest to regular Levi 501s. The material is quite heavy, but certainly more comfortable than leathers in warm weather and seems about as protective if you read the specs. I partner these with a Klim Marrakesh jacket as a good summer to mid-season combo that doesnt shout Biker! These have enough room in the ankle to go over my Daytona boots as well as a short pair of boots which is my short-hop default. In terms of finish appearance, the material has a slightly flat look to it. There is limited give in the material, so Id advise trying a pair out before you commit. The pockets are surprisingly shallow, which seems an unnecessary inconvenience when you want to pop a phone or wallet in there for walking about, but only a minor gripe to be honest. My main recommendation is to swap out the knee armour. The existing armour is bulky and has a bend inward at the top that sits on your lower knee when walking about and so sticks out. Flat armour is transformational in this respect and you will pretty much forget its there Motolegends now sell D3O Ghost as an optional upgrade - take it! Overall, very pleased with the purchase.

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